Fresh fruits and vegetables from Algeria: Taste, quality, sustainability

Enjoy the best of nature with our organic products. We export fruits and vegetables from Algeria with social and environmental responsibility.


100% Organic

Health starts with food. That’s why we offer you quality fruits and vegetables. An explosion of color, aroma and flavor on your plate. Choose natural, choose good.

Nothing comparse to the taste of the land.

We bring you fruits and vegetables from Algeria with the utmost respect for the environment and people.

100% organic fruits and vegetables.

No pesticides, no transgenics, no preservatives. Only the best of nature for your health and that of the planet.

From the field to your table, we bring you fruits and vegetables.

We take care of every detail to guarantee your satisfaction.


Specialists in seasonal, organic and fair trade fruits and vegetables.

Cherry, pear, raf, kumato… Choose the one you like the most and enjoy its freshness and organic quality.


We are your reliable supplier of fruits and vegetables from Algeria. We offer variety, freshness and competitive prices.


Fresh and natural fruits from Algeria. No chemicals or preservatives. Only the authentic taste of the fruit fresh from the tree.


The base of a balanced and healthy diet. Carrots, zucchini, eggplants and much more.


A job well done from the beginning. We plant with care, harvest with delicacy and deliver it to you quickly.


Happy Customers

Exceptional Produce and Service

From the moment I reached out to PETOPLAST, their professionalism and attention to detail were evident. Their knowledgeable sales team patiently guided me through their product offerings, providing valuable insights into the seasonality and quality of various fruits and vegetables. They even offered personalized recommendations based on my specific requirements, ensuring I made informed choices for my business.

Jodi S.

Restaurant Owner
Export of top quality tomatoes and peppers

The purchasing process was smooth and efficient. PETOPLAST demonstrated excellent communication and transparency, keeping me updated on the order status, shipping details, and expected arrival dates. I appreciated their commitment to timeliness, as my business heavily relies on a steady supply of fresh produce

Ayana R.

Private Chef

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We are exporters and distributors of fruits and vegetables from Algeria. Organic and fresh products. Fill out our contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible.


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